Reading full RSS

Hi Andromo people,

I'm new to building apps. Great tool you've created!

Is there a way to read the full text from an rss feed using 'Show RSS Item Content' without having to go to the website or bring the full website to the app?



  • Hi,

    The content that is shown there really depends upon what is available in the feed itself. Usually there is something like a description which is what we show when viewing the content, along with a link that shows the full article. So what we can display is solely based upon what's in the feed itself.


  • ok. so there is now way of showing the full content instead of the description without using one of the other 2 options (i.e open in website etc)


  • That is correct, normally all the feed provides is a URL, so it can only be shown either within the app by loading the URL, or outside of the app in the browser.


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