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Hi, I will tell you my story

I have  told a partner the great opportunity of developing Android apps and monetizing with ads, so I have been thinking about to  join forces and make like a partnership or society so we could make apps, and Split the revenue.

The problem is that my partner doesn´t have paypal, and I do, so I think I can get the money with my account and Split it. As I have been developing  accounts  with admob, mobpartner, pingjam, etc. all with my own apps, and I was thinking that it will be easier if the new apps that I create with my partner I could monetize them in another admob, mobpartner , etc. account, so all the revenue in that account will be our revenue and will not be mixed with my old apps that I released before.
So I have been thinking to use another account with my partners name, but still using my paypal account because I am the only one that has it.
Does anyone know if this is ilegal? this counts like multiple accounts? Could I get banned for that?
thanks people


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