Longtail Video Issues

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Working on an app I'm hoping to have released by mid-September.  One of the pages in the app is a "Gameday Countdown" that will play a local .mp4 video using the Longtail JW Player.  Everything works great except the video won't play within the app.  I can take the same HTML file and play it locally on my PC as well as on a test site online, but everything just hangs on the app itself.

The folks at Longtail have no answers since their player works on a website.  Any thoughts?  I'd be happy to email the .apk file for someone to see what I'm talking about.


  • Anyone have any comments (or alternative methods of playing a local .mp4 file in an HTML archive activity)?
  • I've tried playing both video and audio files locally using an HTML archive, to no avail. There was another thread that I created a little while back asking about HTML5 video playback using an HTML archive, and the consensus from the Andromo guys was that it cannot currently be done. I know that it's a bummer to hear this but I'm hoping that the guys here at Andromo will address this issue and make this possible.

    The only alternative that I can see at this point is to store your .mp4 file online and link to it from your app.

    Now if I am wrong, someone please correct me and let me know how you are getting local video or audio to work.
  • Yeah, right now I'm just embedding YouTube videos in the meantime.  Was really hoping to run a locally stored .mp4 file instead (conserve bandwidth, not require a network connection, etc).

    Guess we'll just wait and hope this is fixed in an upcoming Andromo build. 
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