Free vs. Paid apps

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Hi guys,

what's your experience with free vs. paid apps?

I can't sell apps on GP yet (I'm from a "unsupported country"), but I can sell them on Amazon. I've created a simple app about a month and a half ago and while it had a rough start (0 downloads for 5-7 days), it is now slowly picking up and I sell about 5-15 per day (0.99 USD - 30% goes to Amazon, the rest is mine).

Do you have any paid apps on GP and Amazon? Which performs better for you?



  • Amazon is best for selling, at least from my experience. 
  • Do you also sell on GP?
  • yea I've only put up one item recently but amazon is seems to be outperforming GP in terms of sales.
  • That's what I read on other forums as well. They perform, on average, 4 times better.
  • Yup, what other forums do you read?
  • Many of them. :) If you just type "android forums" in Google - I read the top 5, but not regularly. This one is also getting better and better.
  • Amazon is top selling for me, with Barnes & Noble in second. B&N was top a few months ago, but has declined while Amazon rose.

    And there is currently an issue with B&N not liking Andromo apps, so I'm not able to update or submit new apps until that gets fixed.

    But Google Play has always done the worst for me with paid apps. However, my free apps do better there than Amazon (and I don't put free apps on B&N because they don't allow ads).
  • @tholyoak: Thanks for sharing this info. I have the same experience as you with free apps on GP and Amazon - GP is giving me at least 10x more volume than Amazon.

    Is there a known issue at B&N for not accepting Andromo apps? This is a bit worrying to hear. I hope it gets resolved quickly.
  • Yeah, the apps or updates suddenly fail in testing at B&N because when you touch the Andromo logo in the "About" screen it causes their newest tablets to crash.
  • Thanks for sharing this. If it's only this, Andromo can certainly fix it sooner or later.
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    Hopefully sooner than later! :) I've got updates waiting.
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