Can I use AirBop for sending affiliate link ads?

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I've just read this: "Notification ads require user opt-in—Your app should not create
notifications containing ads unless the user has specifically opted-in
to this behavior and is able to easily opt-out." (more info: - > Context and Behavior)

So, if user doesn't opt-in, I should not send affiliate links to downloads apps from MobPartner?



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    Opps didnt mean to post here, can someone delete this.
  • Thanks for replying. What's your conversion rate? Is it at least 1%? Thanks.
  • OK, no problem. :)
  • Anyone? I really don't want to risk getting banned or something, but it seems like a good way to increase the revenue. What else would be AirBop good for? To only send "notifying" messages to users? (no sarcasm intended, I'd really like to hear the reasons you use AirBop for).

  • I use AirBop to notify users of - updates, offers, special events - ANYTHING!
  • @tamworthheat: Thanks. What do you think, do those restriction apply only to Android's "Notifications" (

    Basically, I should be fine by sending affiliate links in AirBop? Maybe some help of clarifying this also from Andromo devs? :)

    Thanks, I appreciate your help a lot.
  • @hendrix as of today I do not think that you can. Google sent out an email (I'm sure you've got it) and they have updated their policies:

    Notification ads are prohibited—Your app
    should not create system-level notifications
    containing ads unless the notifications are part of the explicit
    feature set of the app.

    As far as I remember this was different yesterday.

  • @mark: Thanks. Too bad, but just as I was getting into this topic, I saw that people reported a lot of uninstalls, when "forcing" ads on their users via messaging. I guess this is why Google responded to create a better user experience.
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