Buttons inside buttons

Im not sure if im just missing something simple, but can you put an activity inside an activity?
i should clearify, you have a list of buttons, you click the a button bringing a further list, then in that list you clock another button then opening another list,
Fun things
> puppies
>chocolate lab
>golden lab
>bull dog
> balloons
> cookies
>chocolate chip
Each '>' would be a button to enter that section.

Thanks for any help in advance :D


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    No one seems to have replied to you.
    Actually its not that difficult to achieve what you want.
    You need to use the custom page activity.
    You also need to dispense with the dashboard - so set it to 'none'
    Its also best to dispense with the navigation - It will get cluttered otherwise.

    To follow your example 
    1. Create a custom page. This will be your home page so make sure it is the first activity.
    2. On your home page insert button images for your puppies, balloons and cookies pages.
    3. Create three separate custom pages 1,Puppies 2.Baloons 3. Cookies
    4. On the Puppies page place button images for labrador and bull ( etc etc with your balloons and cookies pages)
    5. Create all your individual activities ie chocolate lab, golden lab, pit bull etc etc etc

    Now that you have all your pages and activities built you need to link them together.
    You will find the links bottom right hand side of each individual page eg "andromo://website115294"
    Cut and paste this and link it to the image button or text you want to open that page or activity with. ie your puppies button on your home page will be linked to the puppies page you created and so on. So the link will be something like <other>andromo://custompage81715

    And thats it - you have your app. Everything else is just about style.
    I have made a little demo of your app. the only buttons working are Puppies > 
                                                                                                                                              Labrador > 
    This should give you an idea of how it all fits together :-)

    I'm currently putting together a real app based on custom pages only. Hopefully I should be publishing it on Playstore in a couple of days. I'll post the link here once its up.

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