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PLEASE include the ability for a 2nd dashboard or activity to choose from other activities..example a click on one activity on main screen would bring you to choose from multiple RSS feeds....really really would like to see this ability impllemented very soon...would prove to be very useful.. thanks


  • You can currently do this if you know a little html.
  • Shaney, are you using an HTML archive to achieve this?
  • @ehpdesigns Yep, that would be correct. If you have any questions, let me know.
  • Would love to see an example if you wouldn't mind emailing me one (or posting it here)

    I'm currently using a jquery menu to switch to separate html files within my one HTML archive (have numerous HTML archives in a couple of my apps) but if you have an easier way to do this I'd love to see it :)
  • All I'm doing is using links to switch between separate HTML files within the archive and Andromo activities within my app. Here is a link to one of my apps that I use this in: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev9808.app104109&hl

    If you want to see some sample code let me know.
  • Hi Shaney I downloaded your motorbike news app and this is it what I am looking for. Can you please show me code how to do it please! I'll rate your app with 5 stars ;-)
  • @f1_fan I am going to assume that you know some basic HTML. That being the case it is very easy to do what I did. Simply create an HTML file and using images as links, link to other HTML files or Andromo activities within the HTML archive that you will be creating. Also make sure to turn off your dashboard and to have your HTML archive as your number one activity within your app so that it is opened immediately when your app is booted up. I hope that this made sense to you and that it helps you out.

    If you don't know HTML a good place to start would be w3schools.com. I could help you a little bit with some code but I don't want to give my source code away for free obviously.
  • Hey,

    Thanks for that. Yes I know HTML, but I was not sure how to put RSS in to it so it makes looks nice in the app. I just did my first zip and I will test app in few minutes :)

    Thanks again
  • What method/URL do you use to link activities in Andromo?
  • @ehpdesigns Do you know HTML? Use the html link tag. For example, this would create a link to Google: <a href="http://www.google.com">Click Here to Go To Google</a>
  • Yes, I know how to use HTML (I have built several different HTML archive activities for my apps).  Just curious what you're actually linking to when you link to another activity in Andromo.  Is there an activity id?  activity name?
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    On one of my apps, I have disabled the Dashboard and use a webpage (you can use HTML activity).
    I link to each activity like this:

    <a href="andromo://website101921"><img src="engadget256.png"></a>

    I dont make the webpage available the public or search engines - It's only available to my app users.


    It may be we're trying to do different things, but you get the picture - You can have the homescreen / dashboard looking however you want.

    The reason I use a live webpage instead of HTML activity is because I can update that page without having to update the app (I still update the app with new activities though!)

    Hope this helps!

  • What determines what you link to after <a href="andromo:

    Would love to be able to build a completely custom main menu and that would definitely make it possible.  Not sure they'd ever do it but if Andromo could figure out a way for these builds to be exported to an iOS format as well they'd see their sales skyrocket because all the other cross-built app builders use HTML (very few offer native built apps).  And to be able to build unlimited apps would be a MAJOR bonus!
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    if you go to your activity in andromo, near the bottom there is an "identifier" for that activity - Thats It! Simples!

    I understand what you say about IOS but there's no chance of it happening here (I dont think).  
    Andromo is purely for Android - 
    thing is, it's a bit of a misconception that having an Apple App would bring in much revenue, if you notice that your App does better when you  upload to multiple market places - this is because of exposure - you dont get ANY exposure in apple appstore - none.
  • Very true on the iOS viewpoint.  Beyond Amazon and Google, what Marketplaces would you recommend for an Android-based app that could generate good exposure (and possibly good revenue).

    And thanks for the top on the activities (didn't even notice that down there).  Will definitely be utilizing this feature in upcoming versions of my apps :)
  • Most successful for me are samsung, amazon, google, opera, soc.io and Mobango in that order
    Unsuccessful for me are Apptoide, AndApp. And Slide-Me don't accept Andromo apps for some reason.

    Purely for quick approval i'd say opera amazon socio (try these first)
  • I have a question please. How can I add activity inside activity, example inside image activity to add a contact activity.thank you

  • You can not do this with andromo !

  • Ok thank you

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