New App Ad Disclosure Policy in Play Store

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It seems on the wave of the new policies regarding notification messages and such Google will now require us to add app disclosure policies to all apps?

Is this the case or am I reading into this wrong?


  • Ouch. I really hope not.
  • So far it's unclear, the language used in the documentation seems to imply that it's optional but recommended at the moment:

    Further, you should ask for user consent and provide options for managing ads
    or opt-out. Here are some guidelines:

    A recommended approach is to provide an ads disclosure in an End-User License Agreement (EULA).

    Of course they also say:

    You must make it easy for users to understand what ads will be shown in your
    app, where they will be shown, and what the associated behaviors are, if any.

    Also they make no mention (that I can see) of the disclosure rule in their Google Play Developer Program Polocy:

    We will continue to look into this portion of the policy and update Andromo if needed.

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