How to set up House Ads in new AdMob?

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Does anyone understand how to set up House Ads in the updated AdMob? At some forums people say, that they don't work yet, but I'm not sure. Here is some info (, but I get stuck at 10. d. :)

Any ideas or experiences to share, guys? Thanks.


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  • What do you mean by that? Thanks.
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    Anyone, please? :)
  • click monetise
    click all apps
    click on your top app in the left hand column (if you want to dd a house ad to all your adds, if not click on the app you want to ad the house ad to)
    at the far right click on edit mediation
    click on + new house add
    follow instructions to ad a text or graphic add (graphic will ned a 320x50px banner)
    about the 4th stage it will ask you to selct the ad units you want to ad your house ad to, you can select all here to add them to all your ads.
    When you have finished you will need to set up mediation values in every ad unit seperately to get thm to show
    You do this by click on each app in turn and clicking edit mediation again them set the default eCPM values. this is the bit that does't wprk very well. If you set them all to the same value it will theoretically shown them in turn but if you set anyone higher it will just shown that one all the time and not show any of the others. set admob to the same value and it will throw in an admob ad in turn, set it higher and it will only show admob.

    This does work I have done it on a few apps and I have affiliate ads showing as house ads. I asked google if I could befire I did it and they said they don't recommend it but as long as none of the ads violate their policy it is ok.
  • @ianmarkjen: Thank you sooo much! I'll try this tomorrow and see what happens. I'll probably have one or two questions, tho. ;)

    Off to sleep now. Bye.
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    @ianmarkjen: OK, I've followed your instructions and the first part is basically the same as on the link I mentioned in my first post (except that the tutorial wants me to go to Promote instead of Monetize first).

    I had some problems with the second part, where you select ad units (it's the 10. b part on - when I try to add a unit, I get a "Internal errors. Please try again later."


    I can't add more than one or two units - sometimes I get this error when I want to add one unit only. I think these are some kind of bugs.

    I've set the allocation like this:


    But the ads are not showing yet. I'll let you guys know if anything happens by the end of the day.

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    This post I'm writing now is not relevant. I just made a mistake when inserting images. ;)
  • Still not working. Here is a screenshot of my settings:

    I've also updated all my billing info and everything. Is this maybe because I use legacy AdMob Ad Unit ID in all my apps except one?

    Is anyone here able to run House Ads in the new AdMob?


  • OK, the HA are working for me now. It just took 8+ hours to see something. :)
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