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I have crossed 20$ in july 2013 i had 34$ balance now when will i be paid for july?In which month i will get paid for july payment


  • You should receive it on the 15th of this month.
  • @shaney_g thanks for info i contacted admob support and there answer was quiet confusing i asked when will my july payment be made and i got reply in october 1 th or 2 nd week i m really confused and worried
  • October huh? Ya that is weird. They may have changed their policies, but before how they did it was if you hit the payout threshold at the end of a given month then they would have the money into your account a month and a half later. So in your case that would be the 15th of this month.
  • @priyank1991 It may depend on which method of payment you have chosen or the country you live in, but I have never had a problem with my AdMob payments. From my perspective they are one of the most reputable ad networks going.

  • Today I received my first payment confirmation July for $ 20.15, usually arrives between day 2-5 of the month and will be deposited with paypal on the 15th of this month.

    * Apparently the new Admob no longer use Paypal and have to generate more than $ 100 a month for you deposited directly into your bank account.

    My Apps are already in the month at an average of $ 3.5 per day so I have to increase my income to ensure a monthly payment in the future.
  • I got the payment notification on 5 th of sep in late night now waiting for payment
  • Does anyone knows how to launch leadbolt ads in wallpaper app i have seen one today made with andromo he made pornstar app with leadbolt
  • I have received my payout from AdMob - Things have changed.  There is a new AdMob which says that all monies owed from old AdMob will be paid out even if less than $20.

    Depending on your country the date does differ - I'm in the UK and just got my payout today! 17/09/13
    From now on though, the new admob terms are in place
  • I too, after that google cancel my account I had to create a new and today I finally received my first payment.
  • @tamworthheat: I too have received the payment yesterday.

    @mastermx: Your Google Play or AdMob was cancelled or both? How did you manage to get a new one? Did you buy it from someone or just registered yourself with a new name/bank account? It's always good to know this just in case. :)
  • @hendrixs Both, create a new account, pay the $ 25 with another credit card, buy another phone and use another pc and internet connection to enter Google Play.

    Fortunately I'm still in the old Admob, create another Paypal account and there received the payment, with the new Admob need an actual physical address to verify your identity and be a little more difficult to create a new account.
  • @mastermx how long have you been in GP, for the second time, are you building apps with the same andromo account that you used before been banned?
  • @mastermx: Thanks for answering. Connecting to a new GP account can also be done through a VPN network and a new operating system installed in VirtualBox (like Linux). I'm from a country where no physical address verification is needed, so that's OK. As far as I know, I don't violate any GP policies, but you just never know...

    @djlfpro21: Building apps with the same Andromo account could be risky, I guess. But then again, I've built 50+ apps for people, who were ordering them on Fiverr. I've built GP compliant apps, but I'm not sure about the people, who needed AirBop for sending advertisements only. My andromo ID is all over the place. :)
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