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Anyone noticed that the user id for you tube is invalid in Andromo if it contains anything othe than letters. Plus I am having a bugger of a time trying to get the <iframe> working for YouTube videos. Embed apparently is not an option as Andromo Support Staff tell me Android does not ship with flash.

The screenshot shows the user id generated by You Tube but is invalid in Andromo.

Any ideas... I simply want to put a video stream at the bottom of the custom page. I have inserted the missing http: at the beginning of the link but it loads then pauses in a never ending cycle. Nothing wrong with the phone I have. Nothing wrong with the wireless connection. Nothing wrong with the You Tube video.

(screenshot.pdf failed to upload... Internal error!!

What next?



  • Same Problem here!
    I tried using custom page and also created a HTML archive.
    What needs to be done to embed a youtube video?

    Thanks for ASAP reply.

  • Hi,

    I'm not aware of any User ID parsing issues on the website, if either of you could pass on the link to a YouTube User ID that doesn't work in Andromo.

    Information on getting YouTube feeds and User ID's can be found here:

    Also the Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta is your friend for creating feed URLS:

    Also YouTube should fall back to HTML 5 on devices without flash, but I don't know anything about embedding videos. Be careful not to violate YouTube Terms of Service as well, no one wants an app banned.
  • Firstly, it is MY channel and MY original videos I am trying to insert into an Andromo App.

    I have created new User ID that has no full stops or other symbols other than letters that works,If you created a YouTube user name such as 'fred.smith' I guarantee it would not work.

    Currently I am in the process of uploading 20 videos and tweaking my channel. So am busy.

    I will be testing all this on a new app soon and will let you know. But I am betting the iFrame option will not work again. What only does work is a link on a custom page which is not preferable. I will let you know.

    sylviathewitch Keep trying everything...


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    Still not working... tried everything. Cannot even upload a screenshot for you to see. Serious problems somewhere...
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    @housedad What is the User ID in question? If you can provide us with your User ID or an example of another User ID that is valid but does not work, it will go a long way to having us fix the issue.

    Have you tried the Interactive YouTube Beta to get your feed URL? Note that on the Andromo website you can choose to use a YouTube Feed URL as opposed to a YouTube User ID.

    An example Feed URL for a user would be:

    Where "markIndigoRose" is the username. Why not try something like that?<
  • Also in terms of the TOS it's not necessarily about who the author of the videos is, it also has to do with their advertising and where/how you are allowed to show the videos.
  • username is 'blitzingninjaapp' Advertising is disabled. I cannot see what that the TOS has to do with it as you provide all the necessary tools for a YouTube video to be streamed such as custom pages and custom YouTube pages.

    I have tried iframe, embed in a custom page with no luck. I have tried YouTube custom page with this username with no luck.

    I must admit I have no tried the feed URL yet as I do not understand it. By the way, the streams all work on a 'normal' 'web page.

    Finally, please be patient... I am 70 years of age but with 20 years computer experience, Perhaps it is me. But all my other audio apps work well.

  • I am also getting an error for file uploads on this forum. I have a screenshot of the Android Phone that I cannot upload.

    File Upload Failed. Reason (on pink background)

    (Screenshot.jpg) Internal error, could not save the file (yellow background)

    It is a simple jpg 168kb -  pdf version also produces same result.

  • @housedad I looked into that account on YouTube and it appears as though blitzingninjaapp is a channel and not a user? Is this correct? If that is the case then the normal user feed won't work. But you can run a query on the channel and that should work:

    You can also try embedding like so:

    <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="http://videourl" width="300"></iframe>

    Thanks for the information on the image upload, I will pass that on.
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