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Is there anyway to create an activity but either make it visible or not on the dashboard at all? I would like to create an activity that the user cant see!

The reason is so I can link to it from another activity so there is less clutter on the dashboard.


  • Nevermind figured it out!
  • Would you be so kind to tell me how you do it?
    I really need it too.
  • @anteos HTML is the key.
  • I know... I had it work, but with some serious visual problems which I am trying to sort out in another thread.
  • I would also be interested in more details on this. Are you doing this to make a multi-level menu?
  • @tholyoak

    Yes, they create some html pages. 1 is for dashboard (will be the homepage index.html if dashboard setting is set to None) and then there will be additional html pages which can include icon for various activities andromo offers. The homepage html will be zipped and added as number 1 activity and the links between pages will be done through andromo linking, for example "andromo://about22945" using each activity's ID, found at the bottom of the activity setup page.
    This way you can have your homepage link to other html pages which will link to activities for exmaple what I am working on is:
    Homepage includes an image and link to html page called "Green Energy" and other activities such as about us/contact etc
    Green energy html includes images and links to activities named :geothermal" "solar" "wind" "solar thermal" which are simple custom pages activities.
    Thus I am making a menu with up to 3 levels deep

    To set this whole thing and have it work is not extremely hard using basic html and an online html editor if needed. The problems arise when you want this to be good looking. I have serious problems achieving it and have asked for help here>
    but nothing still.
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