Andromo Developer Hangout - October 11

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Welcome to the first ever Andromo Developer Hangout (ADH). If you make apps with Andromo (or are thinking about making apps with Andromo) come join the hangout. We'll talk about Andromo development, the state of Android, app stores, ad networks, and whatever else comes up. We'll be here to answer your questions if you have them and if we can.

Where: Over Here
When: Fri, 11 Oct, 2:00 PM CDT

While your at it don't forget to add Andromo to your Google+ circles. This will be a video hangout so bring your web cam. We will eventually upload the video to our YouTube account so you can watch the hangout later if you can't make it.


  • Just a quick note, if you are going don't forget to hit the yes button on the hangout page so that we have a handle on how many people are (or are not) going to join us.

    Also you don't need a webcam in order to join the hangout, you can always participate via text only with just a mic.

    If you have never participated in a hangout before you can learn more via the hangouts help.


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