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i am trying to link to a photo gallery by cliking an image from within a custom page by inserting..andromo://custompage88011..into the url for a link but it only then goes to browser and searches the text...any help would be great thanks


  • I'm having a similar problem but I wonder if you might have this backwards. If you want to link to a photo gallery (as I do), the url link would have to read andromo://galleryxxxxx not as you have stated (unless I have misinterpreted what you have posted).
    I've posted a similar request for help but I get the same result you do even though I am using the galleryxxxxx ID which I believe is the correct thing to do.
    It's comforting to know someone else is experiencing the same difficulty. Hope we both have a neat resolution to this problem soon.
  • Yes, there does seem to be an issue with linking to a Photo Gallery activity from a Custom Page activity. We're able to replicate the issue, and will be looking into it for the next release.
  • This issue was fixed in the release made available today.

  • It dosn't work. Can you give me an example?
  • @stephyap

    An example can be found in the Custom Page activity's help in the section labelled "Linking to Another Activity":

  • thanks :-)
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