Hi, is it
possible to create a flashcard app with a couple of deck of cards in Andromo without
coding and give/send it to my students to practice or to sell it to other



  • not it is possible
  • I did not understand... did you say it is not possible? If yes, do you know a place I could make one?

    If it is possible, could you give me a clue on how to make it?

  • If I'm understanding you correctly, the idea would be to have something like a bunch of pages with text and images. If this is what you're after, the following options come to mind:

    1) Creating a structure of HTML pages and then use Andromo's HTML Archive activity to show them.
    2) If your content is short, you could take your pages, convert them to images, and then use the Photo Gallery activity to display them.
    3) If you wanted more dynamic content, you could also create an RSS feed containing your content and use the RSS activity to show them.

    Just some thoughts.
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