Admob ads suspended... Worth keeping at it?

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A few days in to my first app I had the ads disabled on my app because of TOS violations. I still have the admob account and the app is still up but is it even worth maintaining if it can never house admob ads? The very nature of the app will not fit with the terms of admob so I would have to look at a new option like mobpartner. I hear they are pretty awful compared to admob though.

I'm just curious if I should just wipe the slate and start over with a new line of ideas or should I try a new ad network?

Also, I have a couple idea's that fall outside the scope of Andromo's capabilities, has anyone tried buzztouch? Is it comparable in terms of ease/function? What about App Inventor? I'm not looking to ditch andromo, but I am looking to expand my toolbox a bit.


  • @vyperapps: Try doing TOS compliand apps with the best possible quality you can. Just look around on the to charts. A lot of stuff can be replicated in Andromo, especially, if you have some HTML/CSS coding skills (mine are average, but still, a lot can be done).
  • My first app I figured was "borderline" as it was definitely suggestive but there was no nudity. It got 80~ downloads in the first 2 days, I didn't know if that was good or not. It is still getting downloads but I guess my real question was should I let it keep going, or should I just remove it from the play store? 

  • 80 downloads in 2 days in way above average. These apps are tempting to make, but you really have to be careful with them, so you don't jeopardize your account. "Adult" apps are always going to be on the borderline or in gray area.
  • Mobpartner refuses my app and i am long ago suspended by google so its seems to end of road for me. should include more advertiser like leadbolt etc.So we should have a banner advertiser.
    I got following email from Mobpartner.

    MobPartner regrets to inform you that your service "Candy Crush Saga Cheats" has been refused.

    "Candy Crush Saga Cheats" was refused due to the
    incompatibility with our advertiser's campaigns. Should this decision
    change, we will inform you.

    Common reasons for refusal:

    - Your service is related to Social Media Traffic (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

    - Incompatibility with advertiser's expectations of application, traffic, etc

    - Description of the submitted service is incorrect or incomplete

    - Content of the submitted service is not allowed

    - Access to verify the service is not available (Invalid URL, admin access, etc)

    - Sites or applications under construction

    - The applications or sites are registered by another person/company

    - Illegal sites (Child pornography, Narcotic distribution, Firearm distribution, Prostitution, etc)

    - Illegal download sites (Applications, Music, Videos, Movies, Mobile Content, etc)

    So what to do next.
  • It really sucks to have it go so well and then all vanish! There was no nudity at all just girls in sexy pants ;)
    What kind of apps do people run that actually make money? I was focusing primarily on image galleries but I just don't see them being lucrative if I stay "clean" and also nothing copy written. I mean if you make a wallpaper gallery for some niche movie following or something, the studio will just have it taken down in the blink of an eye wont it?

    Take for example a "Disney" gallery of phone wallpapers, would you expect to get it taken down in a heartbeat? 
  • They will all go down sooner or later. Disney is extra obsessive about taking all non-official stuff down.
  • Is mobpartner more flexible about "suggestive" material?
  • I don't know, I don't use them.
  • Mobpartner is shit they refuse my another app its a radio app this time.
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    @vyperapps - I have apps of all the things I like - Tech, Music, Football, Celeb, even Politics!
    I also see whats popular, trending, etc - My apps that do best are the ones where users want to use my app for their updates, so their checking daily, weekly... for their gossip / Tech updates / Latest news
    There are too many issues with insisting on apps for "mature" audiences. 
  • Thanks for the feedback tamworth :) I will try and come up with some other options.
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