Amazon Ads Results Anyone?


I'm using amazon ads for monetization in some of my apps in order to check the effectiveness of amazon ads, so far the results are not very promising.
i used the same app with both networks for the same time frame but admob was much more profitable than amazon.

Anyone having different results to share? it would be great to know if my app had coincidental failure in profits or amazon ads don't convert well in general.



  • Amazon ads are currently displayed in US only. I have comparable eCPM numbers in AdMob and Amazon.
  • I have one app, that has a really low eCPM ($0.40) on admob, but does good on amazon ($1.60).
    Most others are about the same.

  • My results have changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks on Amazon.  I only show Amazon Ads in my Apps on Amazon - AdMob for everything else!
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