How do I add keywords to make it easier to find my app via a search in the android market

Is there any way that I can add keywords to my app so that people searching in the android market have a better chance of finding my app? 


  • As far as I know the only place to put keywords for searches is in the Description text for your app (in the Android Market developer console).

    I've seen some apps include a list of keywords at the end of their description, but I would advise against that...if overdone it can easily turn people off.

    I would try to incorporate some good keywords in your description text. Try to describe your app in an accurate and compelling
    way. Explain what your app does and how it will the benefit the user. Try to anticipate any questions they might have, and answer them in the description text.

    Good screenshots that actually show your app in use are also important. You need to earn the user's trust, and demonstrate that trying your app is worth their time.

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