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Hello friends,

I am becoming increasingly worried and concerned over a possible ban due to self-clicks.
I tend to not experiment too much with my apps, trying out the features in Bluestacks, etc. because I am also worried that ads which pop up will be a policy violation because I am viewing my own ads. As a result, I am having problems with, for example, radio stations which do not stream and I failed to notice.
Moreover, yesterday night while using one of my apps to generate handset screenshots, I accidentally clicked on an ad while pressing the screenshot button combination. Can you please answer, according to your experience, if I am concerned for no reason or I should follow another testing approach?

- When I use my apps (after all I built them, I like them, I like to use them from time to time) and ads pop up, is it violations policy?
- When I ACCIDENTALLY click one of my ads, am I in risk and if so what should I do?
- In adsense, there is a policy violation button  where it gives a text saying something like "the following violations were found" but ther eis nothing below to be viewed. Is it a matter of auto-text and actually I got no violation yet?

Thank you in advance

PS. Anyone knows when Adsense pays? Is it true that it pays around the 21st of the next month?


  • Hello,

    1) You can view as many ads as you want in your own apps. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    2) 1 accidental click won't mean anything. They know you've clicked it. It will probably be deducted from your earnings. But you should NEVER EVER click your own ads on purpose.
    3) If you had any violations, you would be notified by email and the violation would also be explained on your AdSense Dashboard. Yes, they pay on 21st.
  • @hendrixs

    As always, thank you you rock!
  • A suggestion I have for you is that if you like to use your own apps, recompile them without the ads and save them to your phone. This will save you from future accidental clicks and make it easier to test features in your apps. Ads are always the last things I add to my apps before I submit them to Google Play or any other store.
  • @shaney_g I agree. I actually just finished up the first draft of an article detailing the steps needed to release your Andromo app and in it I recommended that people turn ads on as the very last step in the process just to avoid any mistaken clicks.

    Also Andromo will remember the ad ID that you enter so if you disable ads and want to enable them later you won't have to find it again.
  • Thought that would be a solution and I think I will have to follow it indeed.
    Thank you both
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