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Hi again,

My Bluestacks cannot turn to portrait (I am using old version, new one doesn't even load)
I think some of you might be using the Android Emulator form the SDK, thing is I have checked documentation and it seems really hard to use.
I just wantt to load the apk somewhere and take some shots, I don't want to fiddle around with command line etc. Some search results showed me something on ddms but it requires having an open emulator which I don't know how to do. ( the actual site was this one>
Can please someone point out in steps how to take some shots of my apps using that one?

Thank you in advance


  • Found a solution and posting here for those who had same prob.
    Another emulator called Genymotion comes with virtualbox and can work nicely by selecting which particular device you prefer to emulate.
    I will be taking my shots from there.
  • @anteos: Yeah, I wanted to mention Genymotion, but you already found it. :) It's the best, far better than BlueStacks (which I still occasionally use).
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    Indeed it is because it emulates particular devices, doesnt only run your app.
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