An Update From Pingjam

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Hey everyone Pingjam just send out an email update to all developers and I wanted to post the text here so that no one missed it:
Hi there,

We’re continuing to work hard to help those of you that had your apps suspended get them reinstated.

We’ve finally heard back from the Google Play compliance team. They recognize that a lot of apps and developers where affected by this and they recommended that those of you that had your apps banned on November 1st-2nd re-appeal to them using the link provided in the original notification you received.

I suggest that in your appeal you mention that you were removed because of the Pingjam SDK for ad policy violation and that you ask to be given the opportunity to resubmit your app without our SDK and without losing the downloads and rankings that you had. You might also want to mention that you are only asking for what the second batch of developers that received notices on November 7th-8th received - a chance to get your app back without the Pingjam SDK.

I cannot guarantee what the response from the team will be, but we feel that this could help get your apps reconsidered and, hopefully, reinstated. I really hope this will help resolve the situation.

We are continuing to work to help you get you back in the store and I’ll keep you posted on any news we receive.

Please continue to share the results of your appeals with us so that we can help each other resolve this.




  • Hi, has anyone managed to successfully appeal to Google regarding their suspended apps / developer account?
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