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Good day all,

Days ago I decided to update an app in Samsung Apps because I had added the admob interstitial. The app was a reference app to the author Stephen King which had been approved in the past and my only change was in its monetization tab.
Well, after the update the app got refused, because they said some of the photos I had put in, when chosen to show as wallpaper were cropped instead.

They are making me quite annoyed lately and I think it's not worth updating the apps there anymore because they got more chances to fail your app.
What do you suggest I could do in order to re-enroll the app with better chances? Maybe remove the Set As Wallpaper option?


  • I don't know but how big are your images.  For it to display across the width and height of the largest samsung device it would need to have a minimum resolution of the device screen width (1280, soon to be 2560).  Or else it would display as too small (or cropped compared to screensize).
  • My images are smaller than that and I cannot change them now, I think I will just remove the wallpaper option.
  • @anteos: One of my apps was rejected for the same reason. I'm not sure how to fix this. I guess I would need to use only phone specific screen dimensions. But they also had some other issues with it (exposed bellybuttons on otherwise clothed people - no sexy stuff), so I won't bother uploading it again.

    All in all, I had 3 or 4 apps rejected, from 20. But so far they seem to be the best alternative to GP.
  • Thing is with Samsung, they're Korean.  It's like in China, they just have more stricter rules when it comes to showing flesh and stuff.

    @hendrixs now you have more than 10 apps on Samsung, do you get Acceptance much quicker?
  • It isnt 10 apps only (I got more than that) but 10 consecutive successfully registered apps. I failed on that part, I had I think 6 consecutive before a failure halted my winning strike :)
  • @tamworthheat: just like @anteos says. I don't mind the waiting that much, after all. I just get annoyed with some ridiculous reasons for rejections. My game, for example, got rejected because it didn't pause when the tester pressed Home button on his device.
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    @hendrixs @anteos That's really interesting / useful to know. It is a bit of a non developer friendly approach.
    @hendrixs - The pics they used as rejection, were they deep inside the app or screenshot?  I'm wondering because it seems that they manually go through each app, like someone personally uses each app to certify it (which is fair enough but just seems ridiculous).  I always do put my apps as at least medium maturity though, I can't quite remember at the mo exactly the samsung age options but theres may be scope there.  I always wondered what effect that has on my downloads.
  • @tamworthheat

    When an app fails, they send an e-mail which prompts you to check the .zip file where they show you the rejection reasons. And yes, in that archive usually there is an html file with many details and a video showing an actual phone and an actual person's hand using the app and showing you what the problem is.

    It is kinda funny in a way because when they show you the problem they start moving their fingers in an X motion hahaha wanting to show, apparently, that the app is a failure. It is obvious that all apps are human tested.

    PS. In a radio app the Pause button didn't work and they failed me for it. I didn't mention it here as a bug because that app had more problems with non-working streams and it was not worth the hassle of checking further.
  • @tamworthheat: Both. :) I use 4+ for age mostly.
  • @hendrixs 4+ ?  Unless you're making apps for literally 4 year olds, surely you need to ramp up the age restrictions, this surely has something to do with the "Belly button showing" as a reason to fail your app.

    Come to think of it - it is obvious they check all apps by hand but what about Google Play - I think they let you upload and then check your app retrospectively.

  • @tamworthheat: I had set for that particular app age restriction to 16 at first and 18+ after resubmission. Nevertheless, I was advised to "blur" the bellybuttons.

    All my other apps went through with 4+. I can't find the Samsung's Age Rating Guide for you now (they've managed to hide it quite well), but its very similar to GP's guide. It's not more specific in any way. No violence, sex, drugs, etc. qualifies you for 4+. None of my apps have those.
  • Man that's OTT, good to know.  
  • In the US, there are special guidelines that have to be followed for anything aimed below age 13. B&N has just gotten strict about this.

    Amazon has tested apps individually in the past - I can see in Google Analytics that each Amazon device and a regular Android device is used by someone in India just before they send the e-mail saying whether it was accepted. Their new automatic testing system may change this, though.
  • Ive got an email from Amazon Ref COPPA.  I have had to state whether any of my apps are directed at under 13yo's.  I don't have any and all my apps are "Medium" maturity.  But it does bring up the point about what age you select for your app - This COPPA has been around since 2001 but there seems to be a big push here for compliance (12 years later).
  • I replied saying none of my apps is targeted to kids less than 13 years old. Do it too, else your apps might be suspended. The e-mail says a reply is essential.
  • Ok, here goes another one!

    Unable to test 'Set as Ringtone' function on Wi-Fi devices
    Attach: Follow issue on Premium Galaxy Wi-Fi (WVGA)

    1. Execute application
    2. 'Ringtones' > Select any options > Long press options> 'Set as ringtone'
    3. Check pop-up on screen

    <Expected Result>
    App should display pop up to notify that 'Set as Ringtone' function is not available on Wi-Fi devices

    Andromo, can you please fix this?
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