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Hi guys,

I am looking to create a collection of albums which will contain images inside. I then want to get the feed link for them and make an app with them. I tried Flickr - seems they no longer give feed for sets or collections, only for photostream and that's useless.On the other hand, the RSS photo feed might be a problem too, because I don't know where I can upload the pics to be able to generate a feed link and use it
There must be some other images site which will be able to generate feeds links on particular albums, have you heard of any? Or do you have any other suggestion?



  • Easiest way to get an RSS feed is to set up a blog (that's what i do) find a good blog site for images may be blogger
  • Later after my first post I checked around Photobucket and it seems able to create albums and give out RSS feeds for them. My question is, because I havent yet tried it - when someone views these images, he needs to be online. Once he has chosen one of them as wallpaper, he sitll needs to be online for them to show or they are somehow cached in the device and display as wallpaper always?
  • If saved as wallpaper - it's saved to device.
  • Okidoki, thanks!
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