A lot of apps, and what about the copyright?

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Hi, I just wanted to ask a question that after all the GP problem, I have seen that there are developers with a lot of apps, an example @sylviathewitch that has 500 apps, other told like 300.

I know that you can make an app with no copyrighted material, both actually doing 100+ is quite difficult, so I guess that in some way it would have copyrighted material from other person. example using a youtube video that is not yours, an image on internet, quotes, articles, etc.

How do you manage to do all those apps and be in complain with the Copyright policies?



  • @djlfpro21: You can link to other peoples YT videos, no problem with that. Texts - you can re-write those. Quotes - literary works, interview - you can use very small excerpts. Quotes "about life, happiness" etc., if they're not TM'd, you can use them. Pictures: This is probably the biggest challenge. :)
  • The biggest issue with using others works is you cannot reproduce it as your own.  If the context within which you display this info is "Editorial" you should be fine.  I have an image of a well known boy band in my app, and i simply have small text underneath with some generic info and a link to the bands profile and voila, it is editorial.

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    Supposing I copied a part or whole of a text someone else wrote.
    Is it enough if I got an about page stating that parts or whole of the content of the app do not belong to me, I got no copyright, and have no relation whatsoever with the original owner of them?
    Some kind of disclaimer, in a way.
  • If you look at other websites / apps etc.  You will see they have some sort of editorial context to it such as;
    "Stories from around the Web>>" or
    External Content>> or
    "More on this from others>>"
    Basically it has to be in the same context as the info itself (not on another page).
    You can show an excerpt of something but as long as it has something next to it to say it's not yours it's ok unless someone asks you to take it down (they still have that right).
    I used to use RSS and didnt say where the link was going, so it looked like my content, I had to change this to comply, so now my RSS feeds states the name of the content owner, so no-one using my app can mistake it for my content.

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