Kindle Landscape Ads not showing

I have been playing around with my Kindle yesterday and saw, that when you are in landscape mode, there are no admob banner ads showing.
I have tested with 3 of my apps and you only see a black bar, where the ads are supposed to show up.

Can someone please verify this?


  • @sylviathewitch Does this happen in all or most activity types? If not which activity types are affected?
  • All, or at least most of them.
    I tested Shoutcast Radio, HTML Archive , Custom Page, Facebook, Twitter, Contact, email and Photo Gallery.

    Thanks for looking into it!
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    Funny, I did not notice this, before @sylviathewitch mentioned it. It's the same with my apps.
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    Also, no interstitials (AdMob) on Kindle for me.

    UPDATE: While I was getting interstitials in all apps on my mobile, one interstitial was shown after 10 mins on the Kindle. Maybe there were no fills, I don't know, will have to test it a bit more.
  • I have now tested the admob interstitials too.
    I have a delay of somewhere 3-10 minutes on kindle (3 apps tested).
    Doesnt seem to have anything to do with fills, since the very same app is giving me an almost instant interstitials ad on my phone.

  • Hi,

    What version of the Kindle are you testing on? Kindle Fire? HD? HDX?

    I think that what is happening based on some of my own tests, is that (perhaps) because of resolution on the Kindle it is being treated as though it was a phone, and because of that the banner is being disabled within certain activities when in landscape.

    As far as the interstitials are concerned, I would check your AdMob reports to see what your requests and Fills are, it could be that there is less fill on a Kindle for some reason. Also what are your interstitial time settings?
  • Hi,

    @mark: Kindle Fire HDX (I don't have the HD version yet).

    My interstitial time settings are set to 10 minutes. Fill rates are at 99%, however, I don't have any interstitial ads, which would be run on Amazon only, so I can't tell if there are less fills on those devices.

    I'm experiencing exactly the same issue as @sylviathewitch.
  • I tested with Fire HD and Fire HDX.
    I have tested the very same app with the same build on my Galaxy S4 and S2 and the banner ads are showing.

    Therefore, it has nothing to do with "disabled within certain activities when in landscape".
    The activities I am talking about show banners in portrait and landscape on my phones, but on the kindles the banner space simply stays black.

    Interstitials looking ok today, maybe that was really only a coincidence.

  • Interstitials are OK for me, also! This was a strange coincidence. I wasn't able to get them on Kindle, while they were showing up normally on my mobile, but now, they show up on Kindle just as fast.
  • @sylviathewitch Thanks for the information we will look into this.

    To be clear, the banner ads are disabled when certain activities are in landscape on certain sized devices, this is to prioritize the content over the ads. Because of the way that screen resolutions work the physical size of the device (e.g. phone vs tablet) isn't the only detail that controls whether or not the ad will appear, the density plays a role as well. We will look into this issue and see what's up!

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