Download an app made with Andromo and can't open file...

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Hi I have a site I uploaded an app to that I made with Andromo and when I download it from the site using a SAMSUNG S3  I get the erreor message  "can't open file"  I have no option to try to install it with the packager or anything.  However, if I share it with myself via email using the Samsung, and access the email on the Samsung, all happens the way it is supposed to.  It downloads, installs and runs.  

Has anyone run into this before?



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    Make sure you're uploading it as a binary file, and not uploading it in text mode. You might also need to set the MIME type for that file on your server, it should be application/
  • Thank you for your reply.  I can see where that could be an issue and will look into it...But why would the file work if I email that exact file that I uploaded and downloaded to me?  It's the same file...

    Thank you..
  • When the file is emailed to you, your email client is treating it correctly as a binary file. When you upload the file to the web server, for example using FTP, it must be treated as a binary file in order to prevent the file from being modified. If it is treated like a text file, the server can make internal changes to the file that are inappopriate for a binary file and will prevent it from working.
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