newbie.... clueless

How do I get my app on my kindle fire hd?   How do I know if it even works?  How do I upload it and share it?


This app is for my use and personal to me.  I do not want to make money so I'd give it away.  I am trying to make an app of the Gospel sharing tool called the wordless book. (really! I can not believe some Christian tech hasn't thought of it and made one already."  AWANA has one but it is VERY limited and based on their "gospel wheel".  There's leaves out way too much and is what I'd call easy believe-ism.  (Here Hell's Best Kept Secret) with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to know what I mean.  Or their series Why of the Master.  


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    You make the app as you want it here in Andromo, you create Amazon apps developer account (free of charge)
    submit your app there and when it is accepted you will have an app for Kindle and all others amazon devices.

    EDIT: It's for personal use you said. Then simply build the app and install the apk file in your Kindle. Ignore everything about uploading in Amazon apps.
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