Adv by App is it legal with Goodle

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Hi all, I want to publish an demo app and attract people to order custom version from me. I will make full aware in description than this is an demo app. Do you think GP will be ok with that?


  • I've seen many demo apps on GP for companies who offer their app making services. However, I can't think of any one right now. :) The last was just a few days ago from a company in my country.
  • My concern would be that I made adver app and didn't go through proper adver channels like AdWords.
  • It's perfectly ok to have a demo app as long as you stick to the rules (ads) as you mention
  • So if I am understanding this right I can upload demo app, make a description where I state its demo app and if customer wants to customize they can contact me?
  • Yes you can make a demo and sell customize service based on your template. But to stay safe I think every demo has to have a functional part i.e. some part of the app has to be useable and provide functionality.

    1) Sell your demo service
    2) Have a calculator included as the fully functional part.

    Here is a calculator html file just include it in a separate HTML activity.
  • @f1_fan You may also want to consider a site like to advertise/sell your services.
  • ok thanks
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