Delay in Admob payment

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Has anyone received admob payment released on 4 Nov?? 


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    As far as I know, admob payment is not released on the 4th of a month but around 21-22 of each month for the accumulated income of the previous month.
  • Hi I've got mine one released on 27th of november. If you not sure check you admob account in payment section.
  • I am owed money for last month - but i've noticed a £60.00 threshold (so i think i might have to wait until it gets to £60?)
  • Shane told me they raised the threshold to $100  in U.S. Its no longer the $40 threshold Admob had in the past.
  • That sounds about right $100 = £60.  My AdMob Interstitials are doing really well since adding to some of my apps, In one app it has literally doubled the revenue, sweet.

  • Sorry about that, i posted in hurry. I wanted to ask about the payment released on 4th december. I got a mail from admob that my payment had been released on 4th december. Usually i always get my payment in the paypal account before 15th of the month. But this time i haven't. So is any one else having a delayed payout?
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    my payment timeline is same as yours and my payment has come through, sometimes i have experienced  a delay due to the weekend. i would wait today if not then contact them
  • I still waiting for ACH, last for was before 13th but this late too much.
  • I thought everyone has the same payment timeline?
    Are you sure, that there are different ones?
    Since the new version of admob my payment circle has changed from the 45 days (15th of the next following month) to 22 days (22nd of the following month).

  • My is 21st of each month
  • I think Google is still in the process of implementing the changes to all accounts thats why people are recieving money at different times. Its best to contact them if you don't recieve money so they know which area's are not getting payments on time and fix it.
  • I'm at old Admob and receiving payments via Payoneer ACH service. Last 4 months that payment arrive before 13th in month but this one late too much. Also friend of mine also waiting for payment, so it's not only for me. I will wait few days more.
  • i got payment on 17 th

  • I got mine from the old AdMob on the 13th. I switched over to the new admob and it is much faster and better. 
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