Problem with YT activity

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Hi all,
I am trying to add youtube activity but once I put userID it  says its invalid. I went to advance account settings and copied ID from there but still no joy, The chanel has two part name so I can use it for example "micheal cuninngham". If i put michael cuninngham it says its invalid also

Any ideas?


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    You add whatever comes after:
    So TVMusicVidsUK would be: 
    That's it!
  • I did and it says invalid.....
  • The only thing i can think of is replace the space between the two words with %20

    %20 is how a browser reads a space.

    I don't know just guessing.
  • tried that one also , no luck...

    Can I just do HTML Archive with html file playing video? Is it ok or it is violation on GP policy?
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    Make sure you don't have a typo/spelling mistake. For example, the correct spelling is "cunningham," not "cuninngham" (note the n's).

    You can also try using a plus instead of a space, for example hello+world.
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    Hi Lorne,

    Cunningam is only example, and to avoid typo i simply copy and pastel, I made sure I have no space left after code.

    Plus (+) did not help

  • If you are copying and pasting from the youtube webpage where it says "by Michael Cunningham" this won't work.  Click on the name Michael Cunningham and it will take you to their user page.

    For instance, Michael Cunningham the Stunt Biker, his user name is actually 650BMX650.
    You cannot have a space in a username.
  • There is no user name once i clicked on the name. It shows me only

  • You may need to use the "Youtube feed URL" builder option instead?  And create a playlist?  I havent tried that myself before tho'
  • too much hastle, i will include video in the html archive activity
  • @f1_fan Use a Feed URL and the following:

    Where XXXX is the user name or channel name that you want to include.

    Right now I think that there is a validation error on some usernames (or more specifically channel names) on the Andromo website.

  • I did what you showed me and it did not work.
    Anyway thank you all, I sorted problem out by including videos to HTML Archive activity
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    @f1_fan if you could provide me with the URL for the YouTube videos I would like to look into this to see if there is a problem.

    I know it works for our Andromo channel:

    You can email me if you don't want to make it public.
  • thanks mark, but I delete youtube channel as it was specific for purpose of this app. I used HTML Archive to read video from my own server.
  • @f1_fan I wouldn't put any YouTube videos in an HTML archive file, especially if you have ads running in your app. That's against their TOS.

    From your last post it appears that the video you are using is from your own server and not on YouTube. If this is the case then you will be fine.
  • Hi shaney,
     I am aware not to use YT wideo other than YT activity. As YT activity did not work for me I uploaded videos on my own server and I am streaming from it.
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