Which Activity gives me most Ad clicks?

If I want to know which activity is giving me the most Ad clicks, I just follow these simple steps;
(While this is old news for some, it will be a useful tip for others (as I myself have just learned).

When viewing your App in Google Analytics, from the left menu choose goals > overview
Scroll back to top of page.  Click Set up goals.  Then, in new window click Create goal.

Step 1 choose custom.  
Step 2 Name the Goal (such as App1AdMob).  Select type Event.
Step 3 Category “Equal to” AdMob - Action “Equal to” Clicked
Leaving everything else as it is you can click Create goal.


  • tamworthheat
  • @tamworthheat Very cool! I just set this up in one of my apps as a test. Great tip. One thing that caught me when I was following your steps what that I had to expand the "Conversions" section to find the Goals menu. Just wanted to post that for anyone else who isn't that good at analytics (like me).
  • Ah yes.  Thanks.
  • edited January 2014
    I have noticed a MASSIVE drop off in Clicks from only 1 App.  I can only think it is due to the quality / relevance of the ads.  An App that was getting me $15 a week is now getting me $4-6.
    This is the 3rd week in a row where there are virtually no clicks.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, whereby for no apparent reason, you no longer get the clicks?
    If so, did you ever find out why?  -  I do use the Ad Block in Admob but only to stop religious ads etc.

    Luckily I have made several new apps which are making up for this 1 app, but this is frustrating.
  • Maybe it was the holiday season that was responsible for all those extra clicks and things are now getting back to normal. I don't know, I'm just guessing.
  • My is opposite way. App which had no click no have lots of them
  • I also encountered a serious drop in profits after a serious surge during Xmas period.
    I am constantly adding new apps in hopes that I will manage to accomplish a profits surge again
  • My clicks are more or less the same, but the RPM was dropping drastically after Christmas.
    My average in Dec was 3.01, now in January it's only 2.28

    I guess, that during the holiday season, admob simply had better converting ads and advertisers having higher budgets.
  • I notice that AD revenue does go through dips , I also notice some advertisers pay more per click like that King company that made candy crush. Its funny during christmas I didnt make anything and just last 8 days things are picking up for me. I use leadbolt so I guess different companies switch the AD company they use to see if they get better results.
  • Well, I've looked further into this and the Ad Networks that Google used (during this short period) were mostly AdMob (as usual, vast majority) but an increasing number of other ad networks; Manage.com, RadiumOne, Accuen, and all these delivered poor CPC.
    I looked at Ad Networks from the Performance reports in Adsense and it is clear to see, there are just as many (if not more) ad Requests, but these other Ad Networks just didn't perform for me.
    I guess @pixelpower you're right saying they switch networks, it just didn't work out for me.
  • I have noticed a post-holiday dip in my apps as well, which I expected given that I did get a bump over the holidays (less than last year thought).

  • That's interesting, I've only being earning from ads for 4 months so i don't know about these trends.  I started to think i had done something wrong.   :)
  • I just wish there was a place where we could directly deal with companies rather than use AD companies. I suspect there is some money shaving off the top as with any company. Some just do it more than other but if we got to deal directly with companies it would be so much easier.
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