Need Help , Can you put this number guessing game I made on your device and tell me how it scales

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Ok I made this number guessing game but it only takes up a small part of the browser. I was wondering how it looks on android device
but I don't have android device now . Can you download the game put it in a app and then show me how it displays so I can fix
how the scaling works. Thanks alot in advance.

Play it on computer 1st just to see how it works then put it on device. I know a couple of codes to scale but I used the
basic one for this game I hope it shows correctly. And yes anyone is welcome to use it in thier app!!


  • I have no decent device, I will load it in my Android emulator at a Google Nexus 1280x720 device and take few shots for you in a few.
  • Hi,

    Looks ok on my HTC one however doesn't work. I pressed Guess button and there is no reaction. Maybe compile to apk and we will see.
  • Thanks anteos it looks like users will be able to see it. Now where you able to press the box
    And type in numbers inside the box. Did the keyboard show up? When I get a chance I will
    Make an apk of it. I just made the HTML file this time in case anyone wanted to include this
    Game in thier app.
  • Yup it all worked OK, the game is playable.

  • Excellent @antoes now I can work the home screen now. I will make an easy and hard mode.
    The easy mode is guess 1 through 50 and the hard mode will be this one which is guess
    1-100. If you want I can make both versions for you just email me .
    Thanks so much!!
    Alright now I can move to my next game that will be much more fun.
  • No problem mate, we all try to help any way we can.
  • It DOESN'T work on my handset
  • @F_1 fan did you make an apk or just run the HTML file?
    I wanted to know if it worked once it's in apk format. Soon I
    Should have a device to test on.
  • No mate, used just html, did not compiled to apk tho
  • My test was done on apk and it worked flawlessly, so no problem I think. Maybe as html doesnt work due to he javascript? I dont know and it doesnt matter much either.
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