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Santa's Mystery Numbers Game Includes Easy and Hard Modes, Custom Homescreen, Happy Holiday's

Hohoho Merry Christmas Santa's Mystery Numbers Game is made with Andromo using HTML5 and Javascript
 including 2 modes of play easy and hard. I included screenshots and
Santa's Numbers.apk .Enjoy you can play by yourself or with friends and family its a simple game everyone can enjoy. Have Fun!! This version
has the more games section disabled.>Click here to see images


  • How did you guys find the game ? Was it easy or hard? Any feedback will be appreciated .
  • I had played with it a bit during the period when I tested it on how it looks on actual smartphone.
    Since you said the hard mode is 1-100 and easy mode 1-50, I had played the hard one and liked it.
    I do not have time (and the resources at the moment) to check how the final version of the game is, but I like the core idea and the way it is implemented. Well done!
    And, of course, thank you for tutorials, finished apps and all other things you are offering to us.
  • Thanks for the feedback and testing you did, you definitely helped me a lot . Yes Iam trying to boost Andromo and teach users how to program in HTML so they can customize thier apps . Iam still in the process of learning HTML5 and Javascript , to help Andromo reach the next step which is game making.
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