I get a lot of Emails from They claim to be one of most popular review sites for Android. They like some informations to review my apps, such as demo video and so on..

Does anybody knows this plattform and if yes, is it worth to give it a try to boost downloads?

Thx in advance for your replies and Merry Christmas to all of you, keep the good work up @ Andromo, you rock!



  • They technically end up spamming you. At first I was interested, eventually got annoyed at how they keep asking you again and again, focusing on one app.
    The cost is too much, too.
    If you feel you got a wonderful app and want to boost it by paying something in the range of $200-300, then go on. For me, it isn't worth it.
  • There are plenty of duff review sites out there.  Look at AppZoom, they're good.  You have to wait a while for a free review, but they are well respected, not cowboys like a lot of them.
  • App reviews don't do much in terms of downloads, unless you get featured by a really big review service on the front page. I had couple of my apps reviewed by AppsZoom (and similar services), but it did nothing. But I guess the backlink juice is good and I can use some "quotes" from the reviews. :)
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