Royalty free Picures

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Hi all, I am just wondering if I took the pictures during a gig, can I use it in my app or do I have to have permission anyway?


  • You own the photo, you own the permissions, you own everything.
    But even when an event organiser says "No Photos" - They dont really have that right.
    You just have to be careful that no-one can be identified (paying customers to the event) appear in your photo.
    (Unless it was a free event in public).
  • What do you mean by no-one can be identified (paying customers to the event). I want to put singer picture to my app made by me on the event for which I bought tickets. Can I do it?
  • Yeah actually thats more from a commercial point of view.  I used an image from an event i went to, to promote an app, which happened to prominently feature a member of the public at a paid event which i was advised wasn't appropriate (interesting). I think your situ sounds diffrent
  • Ok thanks
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