How to prevent user from going back on html ?

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Hi all,
I have HTML Archive where user is going from page A to B but I don't wan him to go back to A, How to prevent it?


  • I found that one, I was looking for something simpler
  • Is there any way to block back button on android device? Or make it not "back" only "exit" So as I saw on few apps I clicked back button and app gave me a message "press again to exit "
  • Ok that would have to be coded in by andromo end first , then give us the option to enable it on our projects. The best you can do is have a main menu button on each screen , that mentally and instinctively will prevent users from pressing the back button. It part of game design , sounds crazy but it works. Give the player options so he doesn't look for his own options 101.
  • I sorted this out :-)
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