My numbers/Experiences so far!

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Hey guys! I've been trawling the forums for a few months reading up and I appreciate all the helpful posts everyone has put up! I put my first app up in November and so far have finished my 5th app! The revenue has been slow but growing, we made about $150 last month!

Experiences so far:
1.) "Grey apps" are tough to monetize! We have 2 apps that have sexual content but no nudity. Admob ads were pulled from both, so now I have 2 apps with about 5800 installs and no revenue =(

2.) That said, I did create a more robust version of each app above and created a link in the free ones for "Want more, try our prop version". This is the only way I've been able to monetize so far. Give me an ad option that allows sexytime content please Andromo!

3.) I only use Amazon and Google play so far.. Looking at maybe trying Opera next, anyone have and experience with them?

How much are you guys pulling per month/day? Any advice for growth? We've tried a few more acceptable content and they are up to like.. $1-$3 a day in advertising revenue. What are the biggest makers for you guys?


  • A Christmas related app did extremely well during the holidays and now started dropping much. Seems that apps related to holidays/particular seasons etc can make a good profit.

    Since you technically are starting now, I will suggest you create an Excel file with your apps, where you have uploaded them, what version they are and in which Android store etc. Trust me, after a while you will have no control at all over your apps unless you keep your handy excel constantly updated with all changes.

    You definitely try Opera, it is worth the few minutes of publishing. It will not be ultra-successful, but on the other hand it doesn't take much of your time anyway. Also, consider trying other stores as well.
  • You guys are actually doing very well $150 with only 5 apps is excellent. I say keep making the apps your making if you guys have the time or know a little HTML you can do the pop quiz app I got around 250 downloads in 2 days. Whatever you make just make sure it has a lot of content so the user keeps the app on thier device. If an app is doing well (500 downloads or more) update the app with fresh new content. Can you post the link to one of your apps?
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    Opera has been particularly good for my music Apps.  When you upload to Opera you also have the option to upload to: Blackberry World, LG handsets, Verizon, Yandex and more, well worth it.
  • Thanks to you both for the feedback.. I am hesitant to post a link because my niche could be abused pretty easily.. I am trying to think of more options to spread out. How many apps did it take before you guys broke the $50-$100 a day threshold? I saw a post on these forums talking about $2k a day, that seems nuts!!!! I'm just trying to get myself to around $500/month so I can pay down this damned student loan! I was expecting a bit more than what I got, but I chalk that up to the no ads on the free one because they are so damned strict about content :(. I wish there was an ad company that I could implement that would allow apps with borderline content.. It's not even that bad I see so much worse on the app market!

    I will make the excel file as you mentioned, I appreciate the advice! Do you have a sample spreadsheet so I could see how you lay it all out? 

    I wouldn't mind sending a PM with an app link pixel if you want to check it out! How are yours doing?
  • The Excel is a bit amateurish and quite a shame in terms of style but serves my purposes. If you insist, I can send it to you (I heard PM doesn't work, so maybe post here an e-mail, not your primary one and I can send it) and you can edit/change/do anything you want. You can check it and see what needs to be recorded there.

    PS. There are some simple formulas in one of the sheets in it, to calculate tax, sum of profit etc.Adjust those to your liking or remove them completely.
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