Linking to only one YouTube video feed.

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Hi I am trying to link to only one YouTube video but I can't get it working. I am however able to link to my channel, is it possible just to link to one video using the url?



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    There is a knowledge base article available for creating YouTube
    feed URLs found at the following URL:

    That article links to the YouTube feed builder tool which can be used
    to generate a URL. One method you could use is something like:
    Video Feeds: Video Query
    Projection: Programatic Access
    Search Query: <<enter the id of the particular video>>
    Author Name: <<the author name of the video>>

    What that generates will basically translate to a search query using the author name and the video ID that you specified.

    Now on the Andromo site, the values you need to enter in the
    YouTube activity are:
    Display Videos By: YouTube Feed URL
    YouTube Feed URL: <<the url generated by the tool>>

    Hope that helps.


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