New place to promote Android Apps PPC Geeks website

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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know if you wanted to promote your android apps, ppc geeks has some good traffic you can pick up some users there. I use the site myself and its pretty friendly for developers. Check it out if you need more places to promote your games and apps


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    Great news I just became a moderator over there. So feel free to post your games and apps I will Make sure you won't get trolls. Iam talking to the owners and if they let me I will start making news article's and I will mention Andromo in there. Times are looking great for us as developers and Andromo.
  • @pixelpower Looks interesting, what exactly is the PPC Geeks forum about?
  • Wow honestly PPC Geeks started in the beginning of the pocketpc phones, the very 1st ones it has been around since 2006. Its always busy 400-600 people online which means alot of users and developers come there. You can promote your games ,apps, or AD services there as well as developer tools. I am surprised you never heard of them , the only site bigger is xda-developers but xda-developers is a rough crowd.
  • @pixelpower PockertPC Phones makes way more sense the PowerPC which is what I thought that stood for: I will check the forum out, thanks.
  • Heh I was thinking PowerPC when I saw PPC too. :)
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    Yes check it out you will be impresses at the shear size and volume. And now that Iam a Mod developers here don't Andromo developers don't have to go through non-sense they deal with in other places. I joined about 4 years ago and just became Mod a few days ago. Like I said there is other places like xda-developers but its tricky cause the Mods there will let users smash you sometimes. Also my website which isn't as busy as the other but I have almost 180 members so its decent. My facebook groups is 205 member, so Iam building a network slowly.
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