Hangman Type Game Demo .apk download, feedback needed please thank you.

Hi fellow developer's I have been working on this latest game using HTML. This is a demo of hangman type game its in apk format for direct download. I used HTML5 plus javascript to make the game and I need feedback on how it runs on devices before I continue on.

How to play!

1) There are 9 boxes with question mark. If you tap the wrong box, one of the body parts disappear. You have 5 tries before its game over.

2) If you lose a popup box will appear giving you the option to retry or go to the main menu.

If you win you will be prompted to go to leveltwo. I only made one level for this demo but I will make more when I have time in 1 or 2 days. It takes a bit of code to make this game and I didn't have any tutorials to go by which made the process of making this difficult but a learning experience over 100 lines of coding most for the logic. Please guys I need feedback on how it runs on your device i.e. it takes time to load up or if screen was cut off. Thanks for helping me out.

Download Link to HangManDemo.apk


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    Also to note this game has serious potential . Imagine you could make it were you have 40 to 50 levels and the file size would be small because its drawing from the same sprites mainly so the game with all those levels can be under 10mb. These are exciting times for andromo!!
    With that said yes once this gets done, and its around 25-30 levels its time for Andromo to implement IAP so we can make some extra money.
  • I will load it up in my emulator, but since I am not at home yet for 8-9 hours it will take a while before I can report back with results. If no-one else manages to test it by then I will.
  • Thanks a lot I look forward to your feedback.
  • There seems to be a problem. I dont know if I am doing something wrong, but I do not even see different letters,only J.

    Check the shot here:

    Plus I think you are wrong to lock screen orientation on landscape.
    Please tell me if you want me to check anything else.

  • Alright thanks for feedback , yes there is no letters just J in boxes. Iam actually making a game similar to hangman bu with a twist instead of words there will be question mark boxes and you have to figure out which one is the right box to pick. I didn't have time to make some graphics. I did lock it in landscape because it doesn't look good in portrait mode.
    Alright I will make graphics today and start making levels I figure about 20 levels split into an easy and hard mode should be good. Thanks for testing!!
  • You are welcome. When you are at a further stage and need further testing, I am glad to help. Just let me know.
  • I have an HTC One S, running Android 4.1.1 - would you like me to d/l and test it? Just a warning: I'm an old hacker and will give you lots of feedback - good and constructive though :)
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    Yes you can test it, its just a 1 level version I mainly want to know if

    1) The touch input is good.

    2) The pop up box opens and works like its supposed to. i.e. you lose and it reloads the page properly.

    3) If resolution fits properly.to the device.

  • 1 - yes touch input worked fine, including start button, J's, and options in popup box message
    2 - yes it worked ok
    3 - resolution seemed too small and in one corner of screen: see screenshot I took for you here:

    Other comments:
    - I'm not sure people will want to play a game with random buttons as it's just luck and no skill at all vs regular hangman. I would think users would get frustrated, but maybe not? Maybe you have other ideas for what's showing on the buttons...
    - I suggest you add some code so that once a button is clicked, it gets removed or grayed out etc. and can't be clicked a second time.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yes I will fix the elements onscreen to be more centered. I will see about how I can code the buttons to be grayed out . Also I did t go the regular hangman route because 1) I wanted to make something unique like hangman +memory mash-up.
    2) The code is more readable and is easily edible with this method.
    3) Because of code portability I can make levels a lot faster.
    Thanks for the feedback!! You reminded me of centering objects.
  • Ok great. Let me know if you need a test in the future.
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