Help with Google Ireland's VAT

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Hi guys, I am in a bit of frustration now and have contacted Google regarding it, but it is urgent and well I dont expect them to reply as fast as I need.
If you are form Europe, I need your help.

I come from Greece and producing invoice to Google at Ireland, using their VAT number as stated in the payment receipts (VAT IE 6388047V)
My problem is when I try to declare the income at VIES system, which in short is a European system where every person who has transactions with other European countries has to declare, every month, the transactions.

The VIES system, as my accountant said, refuses the VAT because it expects 10 digits only - IE stands for Ireland and V stands for VAT, so VIES accepts only the 7 digits and reports error.

If you have ever declared profit in VIES, can you please tell me what VAT you used for Google Ireland?



  • I would contact VIES as surely you aren't the first person to ask this.
  • I think my accountant was wrong so I guess she will have found by now how to input the Vat ID.
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