Marketing I have done to spread the word of Andromo , Now the Andromo Staff has to pick it up!!

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Ok I have a lot of marketing to spread the brand of Andromo . Here is what I have done so far

1) Posted link here Android free forum
2)Posted link here  PPC Geeks forum
3) Posted link here Xda-Developers  Forum
4) Posted on Reddit  link here

What Andromo Staff needs to do quickly so you can increase userbase

1) Tweet at least 5 times throughout the day using #androiddeveloper #androidtools hashtags included in your tweets.
2) Delete the spam on Andromo facebook comments section.
3) Let people know they can also make simple games also, point to example of games made with andromo.
4)Let people know they can learn some HTML + Javascript here on the site. Put the tutorials on the HTML knowledgebase.
5) Post the Pop Quiz FrameWork I made , that way users can make Quiz apps fast and easy with minimal coding. Put it somewhere people can see it obvious without looking hard for it.
6) I made a ready made HTML calculator. Include it somewhere obvious so users can add that as a feature to thier app. Its located here

What I will do
1) Hit twitter and facebook
2) Make more games , make more advance games.
3) Make more tutorials
4) I will make free HTML ready made apps. I already made a calculator and I will make a 2014 calender app next. Yes Android devices come with it but half the users don't even know its on thier phones so they download apps like this anyway.

Ok now I also went on facebook and twitter. I noticed Andromo's twitter is no where near being active enough and on facebook there is no Andromo Group just an Andromo Facebook page and when I went into the comment section half of it was either spam or unanswered questions. I am a little disappointed in the Marketing to say the least you guys got to really step it up . I saw the youtube video of the developer hangout and it looked like you guys were in the same building, which won't build the trust of new people that don't know you. Andromo should be a million dollar operation , since its the most affordable tool and easy to use, so lets go get it!!


  • Also I need a staff member to contact me so we can talk about other ways to build userbase of andromo.
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    Thanks for the posts and the promotional help, every bit helps. If you have other promotional ideas we'd love to hear them, but it's not as easy as it (of the big companies) make it look. I was off work today, but if you send an email to mark<AT> I will get it on Monday.

    Edit: Whoops misspelled my email.

  • Ok yes marketing is tough but you guys need to step up on facebook and twitter. In facebook I went into a group phonegap which is a tool like your but they only wrap HTML , they have none of the features you guys got. Yet they got a bigger base of users and I was answering thier questions. Also you got to offer more since this is a new year, you can't get new customers offering the same thing. I made 2 new activites fully coded a Calender 2014 and a Calculator HTML. Yes the android comes with them already but guess what half the users don't even know it and download from the market anyway. Add those to your front page , I will make a game in a few days fully made and post it as an activity to be added.
  • I hit Facebook last night , about 7-8 groups Iam in to spread the word. I will go on twitter today later on to spread the word more.
  • Wow, it's nice to see the efforts you put into spreading the word about Andromo, pixelpower :) I hope it becomes more popular. Marketing takes time, human resources and devotion but I'm sure Andromo team is and will make the best of it. Great initiative.
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