*NEW* Basic Calculator and 2014 Calender Activities Ready Made, just upload zip to HTML Activity

Ok guys I am making new activities you can add to your apps using the HTML activity. I already coded them so all you have to do is choose HTML activity
and upload the zip file. Now for the 2014 Calender activity
1) Download the zip file here  http://sourceforge.net/projects/andromoapps/files/calender.zip/download
2) Choose HTML activity and upload zip file where it tells you to
3) Change the index.html to select.html
Use whatever icon you have and boom you have a 2014 Calender App

Now for the calculator
1) Download the zip file here http://sourceforge.net/projects/pfbw/files/calculator.html/download
2)Choose HTML activity and upload zip file where it tells you to
3) Change the index.html to calculator.html
Alright use whatever icon you have and BOOM you have a calculator app!!

These can be used as stand alone apps or best used as an added feature to your app. I suggest you add these as extra activities to your main app so that users will have a reason to come back to use your app example lets say they need the 2014 calender they will just go to your app since they know its in there already. Its all about using as many activities as you can so that your app has a lot of functionality.


  • For the new people here on andromo welcome , here are some free activities to add to your app.
  • Thanks, @pixelpower! Lot's of nice free stuff coming from your end.
  • Good job mate
  • Thanks f1_fan I have been busy but I should be back in a few weeks .
  • same here mate
  • Finally finished my very basic platformer it was tough getting it to work right on the device. One thing I learned is to keep the image files sizes between 10-100 kb in size. Any larger than that and some images won't load up fast
  • Thank you, question, the calculator in nor a zip file and wont load.
  • Do you mean won't run on the phone? When you uploaded it did you change the index.html to calculator.html ?
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