Samsung’s secret mission to cut Google out of its Galaxy

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An interesting article at

It is a logical business move from Samsung, but little by little, things will get very fragmented. Amazon will surely try to go on their own, now Samsung, then Ubuntu is getting into the mobile world etc.

@mark, this stuff is something you guys at Andromo should be counting on. :) Maybe it would be beneficial to consider introducing the HTML5 "export" function, so that our apps could be distributed to virtually any platform.


  • Yes I read the article but I fail to see how samsung is going to win. If you launch an OS , you need to have a lot of apps aimed at different users right from the start. You also have to have one product or service that your competition doesn't have.
    Yes Andromo should port to IOS and Windows Phone8 through HTML activity but I don't see that coming for a while. On the plus side there will be new activities comming soon but those will invole a little coding like my pop quiz framework.
  • @hendrixs Interesting article, there has been speculation about Samsung doing something like this for a while, but I sort of think that if they do port to their own OS they would still retain compatibility with Android APK files. Why would they throw away all of those existing apps?

    As far as an HTML5 export feature goes I don't see these happening to be honest. Andromo creates native apps written in Java using the Android SDK, so many of the activities use platform features that just are not available via HTML5, so I'm not sure what we would do when exporting.
  • I know Samsung is pushing BADA 2.0 for some reason (it's crap).  I have looked into creating Themes for BADA phones (with Samsung Theme Studio - free download) but I just can't see where the money is.

    Things have worked well for Amazon with their own Market / Devices / OS -
    I can easily see Samsung going the same way, and pushing Playstore to the side.
    It would work well for Samsung IMO
  • @mark: If Samsung keeps the compatibility with Android, it's all cool. About the HTML5 - what about a version of Andromo that produces HTML5 apps? I'm just thinking aloud, please don't interpret it as pushing or something. :)

    @tamworthheat: I'll have a look at Samsung Theme Studio - thanks for mentioning it.
  • Samsung could put out an SDK and enforce it on devs, rumours say that they are v interested in really pushing there own ad service.  I can easily see both samsung and amazon eventually demanding their own ad networks in uploaded apps.  This would either be a massive blow or massive positive (blow i think).
  • It seems natural for Samsung to do that. Eventually all these big guys will totally isolate themselves - just like Apple.
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