Folders and Sub folders apk + source code + Screenshots, Feedback will be very helpful !!

Andromo developers I made a little folders and sub folder demo to
show how easy it is to make your own sub folders menu. I used as little
coding as possible so it will be easy to see how it works. Any questions
on the coding just ask and if you feel better with a tutorial just
request one and I will make one when I have a chance. I have included a
demo apk for android devices and source code so you can use it for your
own projects. This is different from the drop down menu , its actually easier to implement.

Android Apk Demo

Folders and Sub Menu's Source Code


  • Hi guys I see this has gotten quite a bit of downloads but I haven't gotten any feedback. I just need 2 or 3 developers to test this out on thier device. Thanks the feedback you give now will help me make better stuff later.
  • There are some visual problems. The text is too small, the background overlaps, the text in subfolders overlaps the Back button.
    But this isnt the case at all - the code does exactly what it promises, creates a tree view and category menu. It needs some editing, depending on what each user wants it to display, so of course there is added code needed, but thats something each user should work on. They can always get help from the tutorials you have posted.
    Do you need some shots?
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    Ok thank @anteos I have a couple of questions. I tested this on emulator device which the resolution is 1280x800.

    1) What is the resolution of the device or emulator you tested on?

    2) Where the source files easily understood or should I make a tutorial on it?

    Thanks yes the source will have to be edited by the developer based on the device they are targeting. I am just trying to find a solution for those who wanted the folders option and this is the best one I could think of.
  • 1. 1280x720
    2. I think the base idea is understood. Besides, somehow who ends up looking for a folders menu, then he should have some, even minor, html experience. I doubt you need a tutorial for it, but now that we have a separate tutorials page, maybe it's worth the time.

    I had also used it on emulator by the way. I do not have any Android device except an LG L3 at a whooping 240x320 resolution
  • Alright I will go online again and see about auto-scale , see what alternative auto-scale code I can drum up. I read something in the android developer manual but they had 4-5 different solutions. I can't wait for the new webkit they are suppose to release in the future, so some of the issue's will be fixed. Alright I got alot on my plate now I am trying to use the code from my hangman demo to make a memory card matching game. There is so much I want to do with so little time to do it.
  • I know what you mean. I was busy designing apps in a fast rate, working sometimes for 16hrs a day (not only designing but promoting, image editing and other related works) and out of the blue I got a real life job. Hurray!
    However, not enough time anymore so I need to prioritize what I am working on. Not easy!
  • Just giving this a bump because some people were asking questions pertaining to this.
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