Andromo App Review

Hey Everyone,

We have been thinking about doing a weekly or monthly Andromo app review. The review would probably be in the form of a Google+ Hangout/YouTube video where we (the Andromo development team) would review an app (or multiple apps) going over what we like about the app and areas where the app could improve.

If you are interested in submitting your app for review please share a link to your app in the Review my app section. of our Google+ community.


  • Good Idea. Just posted one.
  • I just downloaded your Arsenal App and gave it a good review - That's a cool App, plenty of content and the look of it is awsome.  Really though there is some seriously good content there.  I'm going to post my Tech News App (quite simple compared to yours) but here goes.
    This could be really good for our apps if enough people put apps there 
  • Cheers for the feedback. I'll have a look at yours.
  • Thanks for sharing your apps! Be sure to give any apps that you like a plus one, as we will probably use that as part of our decision making process.

    @tamworthheat I'm hoping that the app review will end up as a public YouTube video. If enough people see the video it could end up being a little bump for the developer.

    Here's hoping at least!
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    Yes I checked out all the apps I seen so far are high quality !! Thats what I like to see, we should keep it that way everyone adding great apps will impress the new users and anybody just viewing. I will have more time later to add reviews. Its like a best of Andromo !! This will help with marketing !!
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