Smart Alex Source codes plus instructions on how to edit it

Hi guys since I got a couple of request Iam putting the smart alex source code up. I am busy so I don't have time to make a tutorial at this time but its actually very easy to edit. You can edit the replies array I will put the code so you can see

var replies = [];
replies[0] = "Really? this is a smart phone too bad a dumb person is using it?";
replies[1] = "Yeah right buddy sure!";
replies[2] = "You must think Iam stupid, go look in the mirror that guy is stupid!!";
replies[3] = "put down the phone, AND GO SLAP YOURSELF!!";
replies[4] = "A zombie must have ate your brain's, CAUSE YOUR AN IDIOT!!";
replies[5] = "Your a smart guy right? WRONG!!"
replies[6] = "It's not your fault, you were born stupid!!"

All you have to do is delete the words inbetween the "  " to whatever you want him to say. If you want to change the picture of smart alex to your own just delete the smart alex photo put your photo in the folder . Then just change this code

<img src="Alek.png"  >  Delete the Alek.png and put the name of your photo or graphics in.


  • Hi pixelpower and thank you for all of your tips in the forums.  Using the basics of your pop quiz, I'm building a flashcard type study guide.  My question is regarding the alert() command.  In testing it on a Samsung tablet, the message displays but is prefaced by "The page at 'file\\ ' says:".  Does this happen on the devices you're testing on?  Any suggestions?
  • Yes that happens on all android devices. On the web it doesn't , but androids WebKit is not as advanced. Google is supposed to update the web kit this year to its google chrome standards.
  • Thank you so much.  I've been beating my head in trying different things to get it to work. lol
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