Early preview of new Super Mario Matching Game Iam working on /w Screenshots

I. This game Iam working on now will be much deeper and way more fun than anything I have done so far.
Game Rules

The game will tell you what your suppose to gather
(coins,stars,toads,mario's) then you have to figure out which boxes
contains the item you need to past the level.
2) Also the game tells you how many health points you have left. Once it reaches 0 its gameover!!

I am learning javascript and building the game with code I
know and also learning new coding as I go along. This project will
probably take me a week or longer to complete and I can't wait to play
it on android and share with the rest of you guys. Even a simple game
like this takes a lot of coding I am over 100 lines already !! But since
I coded it reskining will be very easy . I will keep you guys posted on
the progress just check out these screenshots!!




  • Just a quick update on progress it's coming along slowly. I ran into an issue with coding one of the images wasn't responding to clicks and I couldn't figure out why. After going crazy trying to figure out the problem I realized another graphic which looked similar was actually over the original image I was trying to click and prevented the clicks from registering.
    So far the gameplay is fun , your given a goal at the start like find 6 coins and a health meter. You have to complete the goal before your health runs out. I am also planing on giving it a storyline which pop up after each level you complete. Still planing that out, the goal is to make a game that people will keep on thier devices for a long time. I am also working on making sure the code base is solid and the game framework Iam making is easily edible so re skinning the game will be easy.
  •                                Late night still working on the game and its comming along nicely. I did what I set out to do which is make a cleaner code base for future reskins. I wanted it to be as smooth as working with Andromo which it is. Taking it slower now so I don't make critical errors moving along. I changed the UI a little bit so you can see wgat level your on. I was going to take a crack at local storage coding but decided that will be for the future.
              I am pretty happy right now ,even though its a simple game I think it has that challenge and addictiveness factor. Can't wait till I get this done to show you guys and get some feedback.
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