Anyone have cards like solitaire or animal card graphics they can spare?

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Hi guys Iam working on this card guessing game and I need some graphics as I will do multiple versions of it. If anyone knows of a place I can find them that will be very helpful . Since I don't use googleplay I can send you the source after Iam finished so you can release your own if you have graphics you made yourself.


  • There''s an open source vector deck of cards you could use. Advantage of vector is you can scale them to any size without distortion!
  • Ok thats good I will have to google that and download it. Once Iam finished with my game I can go work on reskining it.
  • What do you have to google? I linked you to it! 
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    Oh snap thats how tired my brian is from working on the game I didnt notice that vector in blue coloring. Ahhh thanks you!! My brain I mean.
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