how to go about an app streaming my internet radio station

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what i've done so far is just using stream link player on my apps but its so long to load up and as well it's very spotty, but this is my first attempt..... and also is it me or is it harder to get the app screen picture to upload for android market? i mean dang@#@$#$%% all these downloads and tools man....


  • hello djkoolbob,

    When you say "It's very spotty", make sure you have a good connection. If you're connected to wifi and that is happening then there may be a problem with the streaming server.

    Also when you say "app screen picture", do you mean screenshot? Because I use an app that lets me save screenshots to my sdcard, the app is simply called "Screenshot". It makes it super easy, although I think your phone has to be rooted for it to work...
  • For screenshots (on most phones) simply HOLD the Power Button down, and CLICK the Home button.
    Automatically saves a screenshot to your Gallery.

    For streaming Internet Radio - Are you not using Shoutcast?

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